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Websites to Find Community Engagement Opportunities

Civic engagement consists of individual and collective meaningful actions to address issues of public concern and work to aid in the improvement of a community. In accordance with the PRSA Code of Ethics and PRSA professional values, public relations professionals can leverage their expertise, knowledge and skills to cultivate and build sustainable cultures that foster collaborative relationships serving the public and serving the greater public good.

Volunteer Match


Taproot Foundation

Points of Light

Red Cross


Do Something


United Way

United Nations Association (UNA-USA)

The Bucket List for Involved Citizens: 76 Things You Can Do to Boost Civic Engagement.

Now it’s your time to ACT:

Amplify: Activate and share V4E assets and content to increase awareness and support for civic participation across the profession and our publics to empower an engaged citizenry.

Connect: Build mutually beneficial relationships, converse and communicate to help maintain a strong democracy, a stable government and an engaged public working collaboratively to serve the greater good. 

Take Action: Spark change, share content and add your expertise to initiate and convene conversations that establish thought leadership. Put Voices4Everyone into action.