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Voices4Everyone (V4E) underscores the role, value, and power of public relations and professional communicators in advancing the public good by:

  • Empowering thought leadership and serving as a catalyst for change.
  • Harnessing collective expertise and insight.
  • Supporting a healthy information environment.
  • Fostering meaningful dialogue for informed decision-making.
  • Advancing a free, civil, and democratic society.
  • Positioning PRSA and PR professionals as influencers and active change agents.

Leveraging expertise, creativity, and the collective voice of the profession, Voices4Everyone is a forum for improving the abilities of our public relations community and those we serve through:

  • Strategic plan alignment
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Curated content on critical matters
  • Data-driven information
  • Essential tools and resources

Looking for more information and to connect with your peers leading critical conversations on these timely topics? PRSA links you to a network of more than 20,000 professionals, students, academics and thought leaders in public relations and communications, through chapters, and professional interest sections, and events and programs.

A new four-part webinar series supporting PRSA’s Voices for Everyone (V4E) initiative.
A.C.T. Amplify, Connect, Take Action
V4E resources have been created and curated by PRSA members, designed to provide expertise and perspectives to share with your team, your clients and your communities.

For more information, to provide feedback or get involved, contact: V4E@prsa.org

Diversity & Inclusion

As a communications professional, your voice is critical in bringing about change and leading essential conversations on diversity and inclusion.


Developing media literacy skills is critical for communicators to help reduce susceptibility to the global infodemic of disinformation polluting the information environment.


Communication professionals play a key role bringing diverse voices together, modeling, influencing and facilitating strategies for achieving more effective civil discourse.

Civic Engagement

Informed social participation and active engagement serves the greater good of society; a core value for communicators and foundational to the PRSA Code of Ethics.

Amplify assets and messages to support a healthy information environment with robust dialogue and expertise.
Connect initiatives with your publics to build positive, conversive relationships and establish critical thought leadership.
take action
Take action implementing content to self-educate, learn, grow, engage and share as a trusted adviser in the national conversation.