thought leadership

Thought Leadership

The Future of Corporate ActivismThe Future of Corporate Activism
This year’s USC Global Communication Report examines the challenges and opportunities facing
socially conscious communicators.

The New Socratic MethodThe Socratic Method
A guide to developing mental immunity, combining ancient wisdom and modern psychology

Polarization: The Paralysis of Society

Politics, Polarization & Purpose – 2021 Global Communication Report

“Polarization is the use of either-or language that causes us to perceive and speak about the world in extreme.” (Gamble & Gamble 2013) There is a definite pattern leaning away from civility and respect toward division and disrespect. This zero-sum game has created a paralysis in many areas; an extreme state of hostility, antagonism, and conflict amongst individuals, neighborhoods, cities, and groups that weakens the social fabric.  As communicators, public relations professionals are uniquely positioned to encourage and facilitate civility, respect and constructive conversations for the common good. 

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Modeling CivilityMODELING CIVILITY: How Public Relations Professionals Can Restore Quality, Integrity and Inclusiveness to Civil Discourse

Now it’s your time to ACT:

Amplify and share V4E content to help lead conversations about civility, bringing our collective expertise, insight and influence to bear and helping to strengthen global democracy through informed, respectful dialogue. 

Connect and bring to life the art of civil dialogue to build relationships, expand mutual understanding, create learning environments and foster more effective, constructive and inclusive discourse benefitting the profession, our communities and publics we serve. 

Take action to spark change, share content and add your expertise to initiate and convene conversations that establish thought leadership. Put Voices4Everyone into action.