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Repetition increases the likelihood that a statement will be judged as true.

This illusory truth effect is well established, and multiple studies indicate that even implausible falsehoods may slowly become more plausible with repetition. To counter mis- and disinformation, PRSA is using the power of reputation, creating shareable content and encouraging people to amplify messaging aimed at slowing the spread of disinformation.

Based on numerous studies, pausing to consider why a headline is true or false can help reduce the sharing of false news. With this in mind, PRSA members should use their voice and proactively encourage your publics to pause, even briefly, to consider and/or verify the credibility of information before sharing it via social media.

Now it’s your time to ACT:

Amplify social media content to create a healthy information environment.

Connect, converse and communicate about disinformation and its impact with your publics and peers.

Take action, share your expertise and encourage others to use these tools and spread the word.

What to do next?

Share our content and encourage others to do the same.

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