Learn to fight false information before it affects your organization.

As a professional communicator your ability to identify disinformation, misinformation and mal-information and to prevent propaganda from impacting your organization is critical to your ability to be successful. What should you do if false information is spread deliberately about your company? How should you react if your colleague makes a false statement with business implications?

Build your expertise and knowledge on this critical subject matter and learn more about the spread of false information and how you can help combat it.

Don’t Feed the Trolls:
Managing Online Negative Content


Combatting Disinformation as Student Leaders
Elizabeth Marsh, Assistant Professor, FIU


Don’t Feed the Trolls: Managing Online Negative Content

The Disinformation Disaster – PR Unites To Pre-bunk And Fight The Threats To Lives And Democracy

Disinfecting Disinformation: How Public Relations Can Push Back Against Dirty Disinformation

Provided by: San Diego State University, School of Journalism & Media Studies

Dr. Nathian Shae Rodriguez sat down with national SPJ president Matthew Hall and Ashley Bryant from the Win Black/Pa’lante campaign. They talked about disinformation, voter suppression & how to spot/stop/debunk disinformation.
Barbara Cosio Moreno from Public Relations Society of America San Diego/Imperial Counties moderated a webinar about how PR can manage disinformation attacks. Charles Chamberlayne and Chloe Morgan, APR+M. T

Jennifer Bowman from inewsource moderated a webinar about how vulnerable populations have been targeted by disinformation and can work to protect themselves. The discussion was with The San Diego Union-Tribune’s Lauren Mapp and Ivy Le from the Texas Civil Rights Project.

Arturo Garcia talked to Debra Bass, Alan Bush & Shyla Nott. They talked about how social media news production works and gave tips for combatting disinformation online.

Luis Cruz from The San Diego Union-Tribune moderated a webinar discussing local news case studies of disinformation, highlighted by

Kristina Davis, Andrew Dyer and Charles Clark.