media literacy


Media literacy programs have proven effective at improving the ability to identify disinformation online, more accurately judge the veracity of news headlines and motivating participants to verify news stories using online research.

Taking a media literacy program will help participants and our communities build immunity to online deception and help slow the spread and mitigate the impact of disinformation. The training is yet another tool in developing “mental antibodies” and cognitive muscles in the defense against disinformation.


Now it’s your time to ACT:

Amplify media literacy programs to create a healthy information environment.

Connect, converse and communicate about media literacy and its impact with your publics and peers.

Take action, share your expertise and encourage others to use these tools and spread the word.

What to do next?

Take the course and share and challenge others. Share on social media and encourage other to do the same.  Let’s inoculate your community against disinformation.